Many talented professionals want to make a bigger impact and get their work & their ideas better known. That was certainly how I felt in the years after I first launched my consulting business in 2006.

During the intervening decade, I methodically researched the process of how today's leading experts built their brands and their platforms.

I've applied them in my own business, writing three books (from Harvard Business Review Press and Portfolio/Penguin), and have distilled that knowledge fully for the first time in the Recognized Expert course. More than 550+ successful professionals have now been through the program.

Being great at what you do is very different than being well known for what you do.

With the Recognized Expert course, my goal is to level the playing field and help talented professionals get their voices heard, so that the best ideas - not just the loudest voices - are the ones that win.

I'm excited to help you share your best ideas with the world.

Recognized Expert provides you with a clear template for how to build your professional reputation in order to attract the right opportunities to you. We all have limited time, and it’s important not to waste it. The course will help you figure out where to apply your efforts for the greatest return on investment.

What Will You Learn in the Course?

In the course, you'll learn extremely concrete and practical strategies for how to:

  • Find your message and breakthrough idea, and learn to talk about it in a way that sets you apart

  • Get featured in the media & write for prominent publications

  • Land paid speaking engagements (and cool unpaid opportunities like TEDx talks)

  • Grow your social media and online following

  • Attract clients, job offers, and consulting opportunities to you - rather than constantly having to fight for them

  • Build your email list

  • Overcome self-doubt and the 'imposter syndrome' that holds many talented professionals back

  • Network with peers and so-called 'influencers' in a genuine and authentic way, even if you're an introvert (like I am)

  • Launch a successful book, blog, or podcast

How is the Course Structured?

Recognized Expert™ is an in-depth online course that you can access anytime, anywhere around the world. The course includes more than 50 hours of targeted video instruction modules, as well as monthly live Q&A sessions (which are recorded, in case you can't make a particular session). Upon registration, you'll be given immediate access to all the course materials, so if you'd like to "binge," you can. Alternately, if you prefer a 'paced' experience, I'll send out weekly emails to you over a 12-week period with suggested material for you to watch, and homework assignments for you to complete, that week.


I landed a $250,000 contract!

Joel Gagne, Owner of Allerton Hill Consulting

"Thanks to applying the Recognized Expert methodology, I was featured in an article in a major business publication. A potential client saw the article, reached out to me cold, and it resulted in a $250,000 contract! The Recognized Expert course really works!"

My business now brings in six figures annually

Albert DiBernardo, Leadership Coach and Mentor

“Dorie Clark's Recognized Expert course gave me the confidence and support to build a post-retirement career for myself. With Dorie's continued help, energy and unwavering support - including from the phenomenal network of fellow Recognized Expert participants - I have built my business now to over 6 figures annually. I would never have gotten to where I am today without this course; it changed my life!”

I’ve found new and impactful ways to contribute

Mahesh Thakur, VP of Product, GoDaddy

"When it comes to being innovative and building your leadership brand Dorie is the most authentic coach. Her coaching, courses, and the community that she has built are all transformational. After 15+ years in tech, I have found new and impactful ways to contribute both within and outside my industry – all thanks to Dorie."

The Recognized Expert community has transformed me professionally

Luis Velasquez, MBA, PhD Velas Coaching LLC

“Because of the Recognized Expert course, financially speaking, last year was the best year since I started my business. I can honestly say that being a part of the Rex community has transformed me professionally and I am just beginning to reap the benefits.”

Taking the Recognized Expert course was one of the best decisions I ever made

Michael Maddaus, MD Professor of Thoracic Surgery

"Two years ago I was sitting in front of the computer, at home, alone, knowing I wanted to put my years of experience and skills to use in the world, but I had no idea where to begin. As a thoracic surgeon, my world was academic medicine. I came across Dorie Clark’s book Reinventing You and after reading it I took the leap of faith and joined the Recognized Expert Course and community. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Instantly you have access to her phenomenal down to earth, authentic, and practical course and to Dorie and to the fantastic community of Rx’ers she has assembled. There you will find others on the same journey with so much experience and wisdom and kindness and willingness to help. Bottom line - if you want to make a difference in the world and you need help getting there, this is the place for you. "

A global community of amazing and accomplished individuals

Susan Peppercorn, CEO Positive Workplace Partners

"Dorie combines the best of head and heart. She is generous in spirit, whip-smart, and authentic. As a participant in one of her mastermind groups and several courses, I've always come away with a plethora of creative and actionable strategies to grow my business and brand. She doesn't stop at one-one coaching or small group learning. Dorie created a global community that has allowed me to learn from and collaborate with some of the most amazing and accomplished individuals that I otherwise would not have known. I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to define their niche and stand out."

The connections I've made are worth the price alone

Robbie Samuels, Keynote Speaker, Strategist, and Author

"I've sought and followed Dorie's counsel for over a decade and can trace every major business opportunity back to her - whether it was something I learned in her Recognized Expert course, from someone in the REx community, or an introduction Dorie made. It was an easy decision to join her program for the content, but the connections I've made are a huge value that I believe is worth the price of admission all on it's own. If you're ready to become known for your expertise, follow the path Dorie blazed for us and has kindly mapped out."

A fantastic investment

Tom Waterhouse, Independent Consultant

“I’m absolutely loving the Recognized Expert course – the materials, the community, your engagement. Truly a fantastic investment.”

Dorie taught me in an actionable and focused way to become an expert

Dr. Christina Guthier, Occupational Health and Organizational Psychologist

"Dorie’s Recognized Expert course taught me in an actionable and focused way what it takes to become a recognized expert in the (business) world. During the 14 week course period I became more aware of my unique set of expertise and built my individual recognized expert roadmap. And the best part is: I will be surrounded by Dorie and all the other generous and inspiring people of the Recognized Expert community to make the switch from academic to recognized expert really happen. Investing in this course was definitely one of the best decisions in my life!"

One of the best professional decisions I have ever made

Jenny Lisk, Host, The Widowed Parent Podcast

“Dorie's approach and her ideas really do work if you apply them thoughtfully and consistently over the long term. In the past few months, I've been quoted as an expert in the Washington Post, had a full-page profile in ParentMap, been shouted-out by the keynote speaker at a major conference in my field, and grown my podcast to over 14,000 downloads in 50 countries. My email list has grown, with strong engagement. I'll be publishing my first book later this year. Joining Dorie Clark's Recognized Expert course and community was one of the best professional decisions I have ever made."

How Much Time Does the Course Take?

You can binge on the course materials if you'd like (you'll have full access as soon as you register), but typically plan to spend 2-3 hours per week over a 14 week period. My goal with the course was to set a realistic pace - one that allows you to make meaningful progress toward becoming a Recognized Expert™, but doesn't take over your life - because, as a busy professional, that's neither realistic nor sustainable. I want the program to help you create habits for professional growth and development that you can - and want to - keep up over time.


This course resulted in a significant raise

Paul Fairbrother, Social Media Specialist

"By lunchtime today I've already received three emails offering me the chance to write blog posts for well respected sites in my industry, plus a request to be a guest on a webinar and a spot on a podcast. Compare this to zero requests in a month before I took the Recognized Expert course and that's proof enough for me that Dorie's methods work. Although the course is a significant investment, it also resulted in a significant raise and therefore paid for itself in no time at all."

I started blogging as an expert for Worth magazine as a direct result of this course

Alisa Cohn, & Columnist, Executive Coach

“I started blogging as an expert for Worth magazine as a direct result of this course. Dorie’s voice is in your head about your ability to get things done, and I took a risk in reaching out to publications and it worked out. That helped build my confidence, and I was then able to use those credentials to work my way into other publications. Those are huge takeaways for me, and they’re game changers for me in my profession.”

I started receiving inbound inquires about my executive coaching practice

Nihar Chhaya, Executive Coach for Senior Leaders at Global Companies

“Through the Recognized Expert course, I met a talented author who was writing an article for a high profile publication and polling people on their career experiences. My story resonated with her and she decided to include it in her article. Within a few days, I started receiving inbound inquiries about my executive coaching practice from leaders I didn't know but who had read the article. This simple example proved to me that Dorie's teachings work wonders if you put in the work and stay authentic in your contributions.”

When you want to accomplish something, turn to someone who's already done it

Dr. Sharon Melnick, Psychologist, Author, Professional Speaker

"When you want to achieve something, turn to someone who has already done it. That's Dorie Clark. She's ubiquitous in the influential business publications and on the marquee conference stages, and commands high fees for her speaking and consulting. This program is unique because Dorie brings her signature ability to break things down and is highly accessible to answer your questions. You get a blueprint, insider advice on what to do (and not do), and inspiration from the other community members."

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course!

Anucha Browne, Sports Executive

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course to others. Once in a while, you connect with a forward-thinking giver. That's exactly who Dorie Clark is. This is a perfectly designed course that provides clear and specific direction to those who are on the cusp of effecting change and making their passion a reality."

I have a roadmap now

Katie Carr Miller, Executive Leadership Coach

“I feel like I have a roadmap now. Six weeks ago, I had no idea where to start or how I should organize myself. Now I have not only a perspective on these areas, but your stories in my head that can help validate me on how I should be spending my time and define what I should and shouldn't do. I am all about efficiencies, and your content has provided solutions for me.”

Everything I needed to know to save time, money, and aggravation

Terri Deuel, Consultant

"Efforts to become a recognized expert, gain visibility and stand out in a crowded world were overwhelming and discouraging. I struggled with how to go about it, which is exactly why Dorie Clark's Recognized Expert course was the ideal choice for me. She simplified the process by giving me everything I needed to know to save time, money and aggravation, including methods to build a reputation, ways to avoid common mistakes and blueprints to jump-start my efforts."

Dorie's Recognized Expert course is refreshingly real

Brittany Thomas, Marketing and Operations Coach

"With countless courses promising unrealistic overnight success, Dorie's Recognized Expert Course is refreshingly real. Based on her own experience and other successful experts, Dorie teaches how to effectively build an expertise that will pay off in the long-run. I recently started my own consulting business and this course has helped me further define my unique value as a marketer and what type of clients I can best serve. The content inspired me to focus my business more on what I'm naturally curious about - wellness & fitness. Before the course I had countless ideas of what to write about, and now I am able to better focus on content that will help me grow my expertise and business long term. One of the best parts about this course is the incredible community Dorie has cultivated. The supportive, smart (and fun!) REx crew have been valuable teachers to me during this new chapter of my career. It is 100% worth the investment."

Dorie's course is truly empowering

Elena Rodighiero, Cybersecurity Solutions Specialist

“Thanks to what I learned in the course, in less than one year, I have been invited to speak at Microsoft’s annual conference to present a deal I closed in an innovative way, and I co-authored a case with my former business school professor. Now, I feel I have so many other opportunities to contribute. Dorie’s class was truly empowering.”

Watching and learning from the Recognized Expert group is what gave me the confidence to make all this happen.

Chris Littlefield, Employee Engagement Consultant

“Working with Dorie Clark and being part of the Recognized Expert community is the single best investment I have ever made in my business. Since working with Dorie my life and business have changed. I have gone from writing a weekly newsletter that 100 people read to being a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and Forbes. I used to spent my time chasing clients, now they reach out to me. Watching and learning from the Recognized Expert group is what gave me the confidence to make all this happen.”

How Do Course Participants Interact?

We have an active, 24/7 online community for the course, filled with extremely talented professionals who, like you, are committing to upping their A game and becoming recognized experts. I interact with students online every single day, and you can share ideas, ask questions, and receive support, advice, and accountability to keep you on target to accomplish your goals. Many people have launched business projects together, referred business to one another, and have formed meaningful friendships.

When You Join the Recognized Expert™ Community...

You join a group of 550+ talented, generous professionals who connect online, sometimes meet up in person, share their knowledge, and rise together to share their best ideas with the world. (I took this shot at a mastermind retreat attended by many members of the Recognized Expert community.)


Dorie entered my life just when I needed her most

Amii Barnard-Bahn, JD - Executive coach & consultant

“In many ways, I found it easier to serve for 20+ years as a Fortune Global 50 executive than to strike out on my own. Dorie entered my life just when I needed her most. Dorie was like a heat-seeking missile that pinpointed exactly where I needed to focus my business efforts. It’s been especially meaningful to be a part of her generous and brilliant Recognized Expert community that I now consider my professional family.”

This whole experience has taken my career to the next level

Carlos Tellez, consultant, corporate board member, and 3x former CEO

“The course enables me to be part of a dynamic community of generous and accomplished professionals. This whole experience has been totally valuable in taking my career as an independent professional to the next level. I absolutely recommend the Recognized Expert course & community.”

The most impactful investment

Greg Tutunjian, Agile Strategist

“I can already see that this is the most impactful professional investment I have ever made.”

This has given me the confidence to achieve my goals & dreams

Erika Giorgana, organizational transformation consultant, London, England

“I have been applying the learnings of the course and following your advice, and I am already starting to see the results. My blogs have been having great feedback from people, I am continuously being invited to speak at conferences, I'm weeks from launching my own podcast series and learning program, and I’m writing my first book.”

The best investment I made all year!

Jacqueline Wales, CEO, The Fearless Factor @ Work

“Becoming part of Dorie’s Recognized Expert program was the best investment I made all year. Not only is the content phenomenal, but I was blown away by the caliber of people in her community. I’ve done a lot of programs in my career, and nothing matches what Dorie has created, and the community she serves.”

My only complaint is that I wish I'd joined earlier!

Diana Wu David, Fast Company contributor and Founder, Future Proof Lab

“The Recognized Expert course helped me market and monetize my book, Future Proof. It’s now an Amazon best-seller, and I developed an email list from scratch, an online course, and a lucrative speaking career I didn't even know was possible until I saw what some of the other amazing people in the community were doing. My only complaint is that I wish I'd joined earlier!”

The best investment you can make in yourself

Lisa DeAngelis, PhD, Director, Center for Collaborative Leadership

“Dorie's Recognized Expert course is so much more than a course. In addition to strong content, Dorie has created a community of experts who all actively work to support one another, whether that be in starting/growing a business, becoming a published author, garnering keynote opportunities, and more. The value of having access to the content for life, in itself, exceeds the cost of the course. When you couple this with the ongoing learning opportunities that she offers and the community, this is the best investment you can make in yourself.”

“Practical and far-sighted solutions”

Ravindra Kondekar, software scientist and personal productivity expert

“The solutions in the Recognized Expert course are always practical, far-sighted and ethical. Dorie herself is very down to earth and approachable. She is always energetic, especially when communicating with students.”

Inspires and helps me grow my consulting business!

David Wells, CEO, Wells Consulting

“Dorie Clark is a brilliant thought leader in career and personal development. While she is respected and highly sought after in the corporate world, I also found her very personal and helpful to me even as a solo entrepreneur. Her concepts have, and continue to, inspire and help me to grow my consulting business.”

I've learned how to step into my power

Amy Clark, CHRO and executive coach

"Being part of the Recognized Expert community and learning from your online program has helped me step into my power and has inspired how I can have a greater impact in the world of leadership and growth."
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Video Testimonial

Fred Krawchuk, Entrepreneur and Former U.S. Special Forces Officer

“If you want to grow your business or your following, this course will give you great practical knowledge and experience.” - Fred Krawchuk


Two years later, and still one of the best decisions I’ve made!

Amanda Gibson - Owner of Radix Strategy, LLC

"I can't put into words how incredibly grateful I am for the Recognized Expert group. Every interaction leaves me energized and hopeful. It’s a rare community - one that provides guidance, allows you to give back, and will truly meet you where you are.I can't think of any other way that I would have been able to access the things I needed to challenge me in the right ways. Two years later, and it's still one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's the gift that keeps on giving."

A top-notch community led by a genuine pro

Darcy Eikenberg, PCC, leadership and career coach

“I needed a community of like-minded professionals with high aspirations and a willingness to connect, experiment, and patiently do the real work of making an impact on the world. Dorie's Recognized Expert program hit the mark—a top notch community led by a genuine pro uniquely focused on the long game of success, not short-term hacks.”

Exceeded my expectations

Travis Scott, Recruitment Marketing Consultant & Coach

"The Recognized Expert course exceeded my expectations. Dorie (along with her guest interviews) has given me the tools to make becoming a recognized expert a reality. Added bonus: the Recognized Expert online community is surprisingly engaged and I've built many great professional connections and relationships."

I’ve achieved my goal!

Harsha Boralessa, Investor and Financial Services Expert

"My goal was to launch a career development podcast and through Dorie's community, I found a number of podcasters, who were so generous with their time and advice and have since become friends. This provided the inspiration to successfully launch the ‘Reframe & Reset Your Career’ podcast, and I was also invited to appear as a guest on a podcast!”

The Recognized Expert course changed my views of myself

Lynn Garbers, Executive and Team Coach

"The Recognized Expert course changed my views of myself and what I uniquely have to offer. Now when I think, ‘Oh, someone else is already doing that - why bother?’, I counteract it with this thought: ‘My background and experiences give me a unique take on this topic, and how I put things together is way different, and the world needs to hear MY voice!’ How’s that for change? Yes!”

I landed a book deal!

Aviva Hirshfeld Legatt, Forbes contributor and Author, St. Martin’s Press

“Through what I’ve learned in the Recognized Expert community, I not only landed a book deal, but I now have the know-how to promote it and get good press for it.”

Exceeded my expectations

Liza Andrews, Self-development and Executive Coach

“[During the pandemic], I had to reinvent my business completely. Thanks to the Recognized Expert course, I was able to keep what I was making and even obtain more clients. I fully recovered, even though it was during quarantine, using strategies from the course. It exceeded my expectations, changed my business, and kept me financially stable. Your Recognized Expert course is really spectacular! Great things have happened since I started it!"

I’ve gotten better name recognition and more clients!

Gerry Valentine, Executive Coach and former Fortune 100 leader

“My business has really grown as a result of completing Dorie's program. I feel like I'm now getting clients rather than having to recruit them or do business development directly. More word of mouth has started to occur, and I think that's from becoming more of a recognized expert. I’ve gotten better name recognition and more clients as a result of working with Dorie.”

A watershed experience!

Mike Arnold, Outdoor Writer

“This course was a watershed experience. It provides the necessary information and tools to help someone like me build status in a new field. From designing a credibility statement to identifying and making connections with key influencers, Dorie led my fellow coursemates and I step-by-step toward becoming Recognized Experts. Thank you, Dorie! Job well done!”

Helped me attract top-level clients

Michael Wenderoth, Executive Coach

"The course has helped me take strategic steps to pitch and write, define my unique brand, build a network, and create a small but fiercely devoted community of high-quality clients. As a result, it increased my confidence and accelerated the quantity and quality of articles I have published in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and IE Insights. This in turn led to more publication and speaking opportunities, which has attracted top-level clients, dramatically grown my coaching practice, and — most importantly — helped me create a business that works best for me."

How Do I Know if Recognized Expert™ is Right for Me?

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Recognized Expert course:

  • What if I don't know what my breakthrough idea is?

    That's totally OK. The course teaches you how to identify your breakthrough idea. To clarify, the course is not right for you if you're reinventing and have no idea what direction you want to take or what field you want to be in. But if you have a sense of where you'd like to make your mark – for instance, in healthcare consulting, or being a social media strategist or a human rights attorney or a wealth manager or an executive coach - this course helps guide you through the process of discovering your distinctive ideas and the contribution you can make.

  • What if I'm not sure I'm an expert?

    Many of us have had doubts at one point or another about whether we're really qualified. In fact, there's a module in the course about "Imposter Syndrome" and how to overcome it. If you have no training or experience, then of course Recognized Expert won't magically help with that. But if you're a smart professional who has been working hard and you know in your heart you have something to offer, Recognized Expert helps teach you the skills and strategies to get your ideas more widely heard.

  • What if I get busy for a while and can't fully participate?

    Not a problem. You have lifetime membership in the course, so you can return to it anytime when you're less busy. All live sessions are recorded, as well.

  • Is the course relevant if I work inside a corporation and don't want to be an entrepreneur?

    Yes - many Recognized Expert participants work inside corporations and are using what they learn in the course to become recognized for their knowledge and skills inside their companies (including many Fortune 500 firms). The material is completely transferable, whether the universe you're seeking to impact is your company or your field, in general.

  • I don't live in a major city (or I don't live in the US). Will this be a problem?

    No - the course is 100% online, so you can consume the material whenever & wherever it's convenient for you. We do have live monthly webinars (alternating timing to accommodate Recognized Expert friends in Europe and Asia), but if you can't make a given session, it's not an issue: 1) you can email in any questions you'd like asked and yours will always be handled first; and 2) all sessions are recorded so you can watch them the next day, or at your convenience.

  • Are the strategies you share applicable in markets outside the US?

    Short answer: yes. Many participants in the Recognized Expert course & community come from countries outside the US (England, Australia, Italy, Slovenia, Chile, the Netherlands, France, Mauritius, and Hong Kong, to name just a few). This course is about applying universally applicable strategies - that work in any cultural context - about how to identify your strengths, build a solid network, and apply your skills in a way so that they're understood and appreciated by others.

  • But what if I hate blogging?

    It's not a problem if you don't want to blog (or speak, or podcast, or whatever). There are many paths to becoming a recognized expert, and the course helps you identify the strategies that will work best for you. It's not one-size-fits-all, so it enables you to personalize your approach.

  • How advanced do you have to be in order to take the course? What if I just started my business?

    It's never too early to start the process of building your reputation in the marketplace. In fact, a number of Recognized Expert participants started the course several years before officially launching their businesses, because they wanted to build a foundation to move into entrepreneurship more seamlessly. The key question for you here is around how to allocate your time. Some new entrepreneurs have more urgency around cash flow and therefore need to spend most of their time with immediate cash generating activities (which, sadly, becoming a Recognized Expert is not: it takes time to show results). But if you have time that you can afford to put toward this long-term activity, that's fantastic, because it gives you a critical advantage a few years down the road.

  • Does the course provide certification or continuing education credits?

    Not really. If you would like a certificate upon completion, I'm glad to provide one. But to be clear, the Recognized Expert course is intended as a personal learning tool for you, and we don't have an arrangement with various entities that require certification or credits. This is an investment in your personal growth, rather than something that would help you meet a specific requirement.


I landed my first paid speaking gig!

Ellie Rich-Poole, The Recruitment Coach

“I joined the Recognized Expert Course, having run my coaching business for over 4 years, to learn more about developing my brand and visibility. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and come away with actionable ideas that I am working through and already seeing results from. This week I landed my first paid speaking gig! Dorie is a fabulous combination of credible and successful, with a down-to-earth personality and a great sense of humour.”

The real deal!

Josephine Lombardi, Ph.D., Associate Professor, St. Augustine's Seminary, Scarborough, Ontario

“Dorie Clark's Recognized Expert Course provided a much-needed boost of inspiration. I have already used many of the skills acquired through the course and I highly recommend it to anyone desiring to take their thoughts and gifts to the next level. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from this master of coaching and business development."

The best way to broaden your reach

Kuzeyhan Ozdemir, Disruptive technologies consultant

“If only a few people know that you’re a domain expert (and you’d like to broaden your reach), if you’re not sure about how to sail towards the next chapter of your life, and if you’d like to be part of a supportive and caring community, the Recognized Expert program is the best choice for you.”

An engaged community of outstanding, like-minded people!

Lara Quie, executive coach for attorneys, Singapore

“I found this course to be amazing value for the money, given the value that you get, and especially since you get lifetime membership and access to the community. Signing up is a no-brainer and has helped me considerably on my personal journey.”

One of my best investments!

Andrea Goseco, Global Executive Coach

"Just wanted to thank you again for the Recognized Expert course. It is really one of my best investments. The combination of the course and the community is so powerful. This has helped me be more intentional in thinking about who I am and how I can use my strengths to help others."

I credit my success to the Recognized Expert community

Roberta Sydney, corporate board member and former CEO

“The fact that I now sit on one board that announced it’s going public via SPAC, chair the Nominating committee for another board and was recently elected as the board chair of a large private civil construction company is in large part due to being a recognized expert. I credit my “overnight success”—that was years in the making - to the Recognized Expert community and the wonderful learning, support and guidance."

Recognized Expert works, I am living proof!

Michael Leckie, consultant and author of The Heart of Transformation

“I have been a student of Dorie's guidance for many years and became a member of her Recognized Expert community. Under her tutelage I have built a global brand and developed a successful and varied business working with the C-suites of companies that range from small private equity-backed technology firms to Fortune 20 industry giants. I have also written a well-received book and increased my demand as a keynote speaker and advisor. If you yearn to own your life and career, no matter who you work for, or where, Dorie is your go-to guide.”

I now have a clear strategy!

Manuel Ancizu, Corporate Project Quality Manager, Europe/Middle East/Africa

“I'm so grateful to Dorie for this Recognized Expert journey. I've gained confidence and have a clear strategy towards my vision. Dorie is always there, supporting, giving advice and inspiration; in addition, being part of her high-profile, vibrant, supportive community is invaluable. I'm happy that I made the decision to join the Recognized Expert course.”

This course just saved me 3-5 years!

Kathryn Valentine, McKinsey advisor, former retail executive, and founder of Worthmore Negotiations

"This is great stuff. THANK YOU. I think this course just saved me 3-5 years."

Excellent ROI!

Robin Taub, financial consultant and author, Toronto, Canada

“The Recognized Expert program delivered excellent ROI (return on investment). The course content was engaging and filled with actionable strategies and tactics that I was able to apply to my business of speaking and book sales. Dorie is extremely generous in sharing her best practices and hard-won lessons, and the community has that same generous spirit. There is a wealth of information and I have made many valuable connections. I also appreciate having lifetime access to the content, the community and the monthly webinars. Highly recommended!”
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Video Testimonial

Author of "Hire the Right Virtual Assistant" Melissa Smith

"I knew at that moment I made a game-changing decision" - Melissa Smith

  • Money is tight. How quickly will I see a return on my investment?

    Please don't join the course. Becoming a Recognized Expert takes time, and though it varies, it's often 2-3 years of consistent effort before you start to see meaningful results. To truly enjoy the course and be able to get the maximum value out of it, you need to have a long-term time frame.

  • How is the course different from your books?

    The Recognized Expert™ course contains *50 hours* of recorded material, so it goes into much more depth than is possible in my books - even if you've read all of them. Additionally, there's the interaction with me and with other course participants in our online community, and lifetime access to our monthly webinars. It's a much more experiential, intensive process than simply reading the books.

  • What platform do you use for the online community?

    We use Facebook for our online community, and the Recognized Expert group - unlike much of 'general' Facebook - is a fantastic and supportive place. To be sure: there are many annoying and problematic aspects to Facebook (data privacy, politics, all of that)! But the group functionality is excellent compared to many other platforms and our corner of this online world is quite a wonderful refuge. Many of our Recognized Expert community members don't use Facebook very much besides for this group, and some even create special, stripped-down profiles just to access the group if they don't already have a profile (or if they had one and deleted it previously).

  • If I hate Facebook with a passion and don't want to participate in a Facebook group, how essential is the online community to the course experience?

    All of the course materials (50+ hours) are available via our Thinkific course site, and our monthly live webinars are conducted on Zoom, so all of that is fully accessible if you don't want to create a Facebook profile. It's useful to determine how important the community element of the course is to you. If it is really important, then the course might not be the right fit if you don't want to participate in a Facebook group (because that is where people, for instance, post their homework and get group feedback, or ask general questions and glean insights from the community). If group interaction is not a top priority for you, then you'll be able to enjoy the course content and live webinars just fine without the online community component.

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Video Testimonial

Corporate Executive and Intrapreneur Jenny Fernandez

"The best investment that I have made since business school." - Jenny Fernandez


More than recouped the value of my investment within the first week!

Gena Cox, PhD, industrial psychologist and executive coach

“I put so much of the content of this course to immediate use, I more than recouped the value of my investment within the first week! I quickly developed a clarity of vision and a concrete action plan for starting the journey to my entrepreneurial future! Now, I can’t wait to do it all. This course was the kick-in-the-pants I needed! Thanks Dorie, for helping me learn things I did not even know I needed to learn! Priceless!”

An incredible community

Maren Gube, PhD, McGill International Institute of Education

“There is a saying that you become like the people you spend the most time with. I would like nothing better than to become like the incredible group of people in the Recognized Expert community: brilliant, accomplished, dedicated, courageous, and generous. And the course material offers helpful structure and resources for becoming recognized for my expertise.”

Gave me the motivation I needed!

Padma Edirisinghe, freelance graphic web designer

"The Recognized Expert course connects like-minded people to share their insights and thrive. Dorie and the Recognized Expert participants gave me motivation I needed - two thumbs up! Thank you, Dorie and RExers!”

I had a piece published in both Fast Company and HBR this week!

Mita Mallick, Former Fortune 500 head of Diversity & Inclusion

“I can’t thank you enough for your course and the community. It has instilled a new level of confidence in me. I ended up sending a piece cold to Harvard Business Review and two months later, it was published! This week alone, I had a piece published in both Fast Company and HBR! What a dream come true. I am so grateful I stumbled upon your course 15 months ago. A game changer.”

“Spurs you to get even better!”

Jennifer Fondrevay, Author, Speaker, and Consultant

“Taking Dorie’s Recognized Expert course is like hiring a personal trainer at your gym. You’ve got the membership and you could go any day or time. But you commit seriously when you hire a personal trainer, and the benefit of that is the confidence it builds in you. You want to get better, and you meet people in the class at different levels and they spur you on to get even better. That’s what it’s like to work with Dorie and be part of the Recognized Expert community.”

“A transformational journey”

Yasmina Khelifi, senior project manager

"The energy, kindness and sharing of the Recognized Expert community has pushed me to take action. I have now launched my website and a podcast, something I would have never previously thought of doing. Now bloggers contact me to publish on their websites! I've met authors, coaches, and communication experts from all over the world. This is a fantastic and transformational journey. It makes you think, take action, and open your mind to new ideas."

“Working with Dorie is a highlight”

Daniel Lieberman, Fortune 500 advisor and former CEO, Seattle’s Pike Place Market

“I cannot even think of Dorie without the coupling the characteristics “brilliant and generous!" She brings her heart and mind to her work in such clear, compelling, and useful ways. Working with Dorie is a highlight for me that continues to shine.”

Helped me refine my business and my messaging!

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, CEO

“Before I became active with the Recognized Expert course, I was wasting a lot of time and energy. Through the course, I’ve been able to sharpen my message so that anyone, in any circumstance, can quickly understand what my firm does. The course is a wonderful mix of highly qualified professionals and decision makers, led by an insightful and creative moderator.”

So much personal & career value!

Carolyn Hyde , sales and marketing leader

“Not only does Dorie’s Recognized Expert course provide you with the mechanics of what & how, but perhaps even more importantly, she inspires us to feel confident about the uniqueness that we each bring. I can’t recall another class that has provided me with so much personal & career value. As a result of participating in the Recognized Expert course, I have taken the leap & have approached a VC with whom I’d not spoken in 10 years & have secured my first client. Your course got me ‘action ready.’”

Enabled me to ‘move up a gear’ in my work!

Susannah Chambers, team coach

“Being part of this course, hearing Dorie's superb insights and meeting so many cool and knowledgeable other people from around the world enabled me to 'move up a gear' in my work, which recently included speaking for Microsoft. The Recognized Expert community inspires me daily and I know this course is going to elevate my ability to create positive change in the world. I would highly recommend anybody seeking to be recognised for their expertise to sign up.”
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Video Testimonial

Photographer, Author, and Executive Coach Jeffrey Shaw

“I have a system now that I never had before, that’s enabling me to put content out on a weekly basis.” - Jeffrey Shaw

Who is the Course NOT Right For?

The course won't be a good fit if:

  • You're unsure where you want your career to go.

    The course will only be helpful once you decide where you'd like to make your mark. You don't have to have everything figured out, but it's important to have chosen your general field. If you haven't decided this yet, the course may be premature for you.

  • Money is a major concern.

    If you're in a financial position where you need urgent, immediate returns, this class is not right for you. Becoming a Recognized Expert™ is a process that takes time, often several years, to come to fruition. It's enormously powerful for your career, but you need to have the patience and leeway to make the investment now and plan for the future. If money is an immediate concern, please don't enroll. You won't be able to enjoy or benefit from the course if you're feeling extreme financial pressure.


The relations I've forged from this group have been invaluable!

Prina Shah, consultant, Perth, Australia

“Since joining the Recognised Expert Community, I have not only learned an array of things to develop myself, my business, and my professional brand, I have also connected with exceptional and like minded thought leaders with a similar drive and passion. I've had the opportunity to expand my global network and I also have an accountability buddy who is a fellow Australian member. The relationships that I have forged from this group have been invaluable. And the best thing - it is a lifelong membership with no strings attached!”

Tripled my prices!

Irina Cozma, Ph.D., Executive and Career Coach

"I tripled my prices this year. I am learning so much from this community!"

A smart, inclusive community!

Barbara Pagano, author of The 60-Something Crisis: How to Live an Extraordinary Life in Retirement

"A gathering of smart, inspiring individuals who are inclusive and supportive. What a community! "

Three paid speaking engagements!

Angela Burgess, advisor, speaker, executive director

“I’ve made so many positive, supportive connections in the Recognized Expert community. My new business model is launched and I have 3 paid speaking engagements lined up this year – the first in my life!”

The best investment I've made in myself!

Aline Badr, executive coach, speaker, brand strategist

"This has been the best investment I’ve made in myself. It’s the “fire under my bum” I’ve needed for years!"
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Marketing Consultant Kris Marsh

“I booked contracts that earned me more than double the cost of the course!” - Kris Marsh

What Does the Course Cost, and Is There a Payment Plan?

The Recognized Expert™ course is $2495, analogous to the price of a graduate-level course at the top business schools where I teach. (Except that no business school offers courses on this topic. If you want to learn this material, this course is the place to do it.) There is a slightly more expensive multi-payment option, which spreads payment out over four months. This is definitely trying to create an incentive - I strongly recommend payment upfront so you will both save money and have an enhanced level of commitment to learning in the course.

How to Register

If you're trying to figure out whether the course is the right fit for you, or you have any questions, let's talk directly. Please note that there are no refunds for the course, because I only want people to join who are fully committed. Do not join if you aren't sure! Research has shown that people who are "all in" are more likely to do the work and therefore get better results - which is our goal, after all. I want you to make a decision you feel great about and will advise you directly about whether I think the course will be helpful to you based on where you are. Feel free to email me directly at to talk further. And if you'd like to go ahead and sign up for the course, let's do it! I look forward to working with you & having you as part of our community of talented professionals.

Pricing options

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Video Testimonial

Dr. Aviva Hirschfeld Legatt, Ivy League College Admissions Officer

“This course led to me getting my own Forbes column.” - Aviva Hirschfeld Legatt

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the Recognized Expert™ Course

    • Am I Qualified to Be a Recognized Expert?

    • What Does It Take to Become a Recognized Expert?

    • Book Recommendations for Recognized Expert Students

  2. 2
    • What Is a Breakthrough Idea

    • How to Identify Your Target Audience

    • Will Your Audience Care About Your Big Idea?

    • Is Your Idea Actually Unique?

    • How Do You Talk About Your Breakthrough Idea

    • What to Do If You Haven't Found What You're Passionate About

    • When Your Passion and Your Profession Don't Align

    • What If You Have More Than One Passion?

    • Using the Niche Strategy

    • Identifying Trends

    • Creating a Market Gap Analysis

    • Creating a Framework

    • Conducting Research

    • What If Someone Steals Your Idea?

    • Homework Exercises - Find Your Breakthrough Idea

    • Summary of Key Points - Finding Your Breakthrough Idea

  3. 3
    • How to Get Featured in Traditional Media

    • What Social Channels Should You Be Using

    • How Much Time Should You Spend on Social Media

    • What Should You Share on Social Media

    • How to Measure ROI in Social Media

    • Growing Your Email List

    • Homework Exercises - Multiply Your Following

    • Summary of Key Points - Multiply Your Following

  4. 4
    • What If You're Not Getting Traction?

    • Grappling with Self Doubt

    • Who, Really, Can Become a Recognized Expert?

    • When Can You Claim to be an Expert?

    • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    • What to Do When You Feel Discouraged

    • What to Do When You Feel Paralyzed

    • Enhancing Your Executive Presence

    • How to Focus on What Matters Most

    • How to Structure Your Day to Be More Productive

    • What Can You Outsource?

    • Homework Exercises - Overcome the Obstacles

    • Summary of Key Points - Overcome the Obstacles

  5. 5
    • What Is a Power Network & Why Does It Matter?

    • How to Connect with Peers

    • Learning How to Talk About Yourself

    • Networking as an Introvert

    • Overcoming Internal Obstacles to Networking

    • Who Should You Be Connecting With?

    • Givers and Takers in Networking

    • Making Your Networking More Efficient

    • Mastering Follow Up

    • Homework Exercises - Build a Powerful Network

    • Summary of Key Points - Build a Powerful Network

  6. 6
    • What Should You Write About?

    • How to Create Great Content

    • How to Become a Guest Blogger

    • How to Blog for High Profile Publications

    • Should You Start Your Own Blog?

    • How to Promote Your Blog

    • How to Become a Podcast Guest

    • Should You Start Your Own Podcast?

    • How to Land Your First Speaking Gig

    • What Should You Charge for Speaking?

    • How to Land a TEDx Talk

    • Creating Content vs. Networking

    • How and When to Write a Book Proposal

    • Should You Self-Publish or Traditionally Publish?

    • Things to Keep in Mind About Self-Publishing

    • How to Find an Agent

    • How to Find a Publisher

    • How to Market Your Book Successfully

    • Homework Exercises - Expand Your Public Profile

    • Summary of Key Points - Expand Your Public Profile

  7. 7
    • How to Get Your Audience to Want What You're Offering

    • How to Get High Level Clients to Come to You

    • Setting Your Longer Term Vision

    • What Does Success Really Look Like?

    • Taking Action - What's Next?

    • Summary of Key Points - Recognized Expert - Next Steps

  8. 8
    • Start Here - Resources & Pre-Reading - Learning from Guest Experts

    • David Burkus on Becoming More Creative

    • Shama Hyder on Multiplying Your Following Online

    • Laura Vanderkam on Overcoming Procrastination and Becoming More Effective with Your Time

    • John Corcoran on How to Connect with Influencers

    • Jordan Harbinger on Expanding Your Profile through Podcasting

    • Interview with Katherine Flynn, Literary Agent

    • Lolly Daskal on Building Your Platform and Marketing Books

    • Jason Bellini of the Wall Street Journal on How to Connect with Reporters

  9. 9
    • Special Dorie Clark Q&A webinar - How to Monetize

    • January 2018: Jeffrey Shaw - Book Marketing

    • February 2018: Dorie Clark - Intro to REx webinars

    • March 2018: Dorie Clark - Open Q & A

    • April 2018: Nancy Halpern - Interviews with Major Publications

    • June 2018: Robbie Samuels - Effective Networking Strategies

    • July 2018: Melissa Smith - Hiring and Working with a VA

    • August 2018: Alisa Cohn - Build a Seven-Figure Coaching Business

    • October 2018: Liz Scully - Launch and Run a Mastermind

    • November 2018: Dorie Clark - Open Q & A

    • December 2018: Ron Carucci - Building a Following

    • January 2019: Dorie Clark - Open Q & A

    • February 2019: Gina Warner - Breaking into the Associations Market

    • April 2019: Randah Taher - Generating Ideas and Embracing Creativity

    • Special Bonus - Idea Creation, Selection and Planning Tools from Randah Taher (to complement April 2019 webinar)

    • June 2019: Dorie Clark - Open Q & A

    • July 2019: Amii Barnard-Bahn - Becoming a Recognized Expert Inside a Corporation

    • August 2019: Marie Incontrera - Landing a TEDx Talk

    • September 2019: Dorie Clark - Online Course Creation

    • October 2019: Dorie Clark - Getting to Know Fellow RExers

    • November 2019: Dorie Clark - Open Q & A

    • December 2019: Laura Gassner Otting - Breaking into Morning TV

    • January 2020: Dorie Clark - Productivity Strategies for the New Year

    • March 2020: Dorie Clark - Build a Healthy & Resilient Business - Part 1

    • March 2020: Dorie Clark - Build a Healthy & Resilient Business - Part 2

    • April 2020: Dorie Clark - Growth Strategies in the Pandemic

    • May 2020: Ron Carucci - The Ups and Downs of Becoming a REx

    • May 2020: Dorie Clark - Open Q & A

    • June 2020: Marie Incontrera - Best Practices for Social Media

    • July 2020: Dorie Clark - Open Q & A (Morning Session)

    • July 2020: Dorie Clark - Open Q & A (Evening Session)

    • August 2020: Robbie Samuels - Launching Your Own Podcast

    • September 2020: Caroline Stokes - Journey of Becoming a REx

    • October 2020: Jeffrey Shaw - Getting Booked on Podcasts

    • October 2020: Meet the New REx Cohort and Ask Me Anything Q&A!

    • October 2020: New RExer Intros and Ask Me Anything Session #2

    • November 2020: Ellen Cohen & Anne Buckingham - Legal Issues in RExing (Contracts, IP and More)

    • December 2020: Dirk Schroeder - How to Build Your LinkedIn Following

    • January 2021: Time Management and Productivity Strategies

    • February 2021: Anne Buckingham and Ellen Cohen Return! More on Legal Issues in RExing (Corporations, Contracts, IP, etc.!)

    • March 2021: Ask Me Anything Q&A Webinar for New RExers!

    • March 2021: Second Ask Me Anything Q&A Webinar for New RExers!

    • March 2021: Ellen Taafe, Sheila Stamps, and Amii Barnard-Bahn on How to Become a Corporate Board Member

    • April 2021: REx "Mix and mingle" connection webinar hosted by Gena Cox, Robbie Samuels, and Julia Phelan

    • April 2021: REx Collaboration - Insights from Diana Wu David, Jennifer Fondrevay, Jenny Lisk, and Tammy Gooler Loeb

    • May 2021: Ask Me Anything Q&A with Dorie Clark

    • June 2021: Mastering Book Proposals with Guest RExers Linda Popky and Jennifer Fondrevay

    • July 2021: Leveraging the Value of Speaking Opportunities with Guest RExer Su-Yen Wong

    • August 2021: How to Land a Book Deal with a Major Publisher with Guest RExer Aviva Legatt

    • September 2021: RExing Inside Corporate with Guest RExers Mita Mallick, Paul Fairbrother, and Manuel Ancizu

    • October 2021: Designing (or Redesigning) a Great Website with Special Guest Web Designer Ron Passaro

    • November 2021: Creating Online Courses with Special Guest RExer Kathryn Valentine, plus Emily Weiss from course creation platform Thinkific

    • December 2021: Ask Me Anything Q&A with Dorie Clark

    • January 2022 - Goal Setting for the New Year with Special Guest RExers Liz Brunner and Gena Cox

    • February 2022 - Turning Failures into Success with Special Guest RExers Rosemary Ravinal and Richard Bistrong

    • March 2022 - How to Build an Audience Before You Sell an Offer with Special Guest RExer Robbie Samuels

    • April 2022 - Ask Me Anything with Dorie Clark (plus special guest RExer Vicki Strull, discussing successful launch principles)

    • May 2022 - How to Write for High Profile Publications (Especially HBR) with Guest RExer Ron Carucci

    • May 2022 AUDIO VERSION - How to Write for High Profile Publications (Especially HBR) with Guest RExer Ron Carucci

    • June 2022 - How to Pitch Media Successfully with Guest Expert Mary O'Donohue

    • June 2022 - How to Pitch Media Successfully with Mary O'Donohue - AUDIO VERSION

    • August 2022 - How to Navigate Davos and the World Economic Forum with Guest RExer Alisa Cohn Aug

    • August 2022 - How to Navigate Davos and the World Economic Forum with Guest RExer Alisa Cohn - AUDIO VERSION

    • September 2022 - The Secrets of Adjunct University Teaching with Guest RExer Sher Downing and Other Talented RExers - video

    • September 2022 - The Secrets of Adjunct University Teaching with Guest RExer Sher Downing and Other Talented RExers - AUDIO

    • October 2022 - How to Have a Good Night's Sleep with with Guest RExer Dr. Sunita Merriman - VIDEO

    • October 2022 - How to Have a Good Night's Sleep with with Guest RExer Dr. Sunita Merriman - AUDIO

    • November 2022 - Building Your YouTube Strategy with Guest RExers Deborah Grayson Riegel and Fei Wu

    • November 2022 - Building Your YouTube Strategy with Guest RExers Deborah Grayson Riegel and Fei Wu - AUDIO

    • November 2022 bonus webinar - spotlight on "Finding Your Breakthrough Idea"

    • Nov 2022 bonus webinar - spotlight on "Finding Your Breakthrough Idea" AUDIO

    • Dec 2022 - Multiply Your Following Q&A webinar

    • Dec 2022 - Multiply Your Following Q&A webinar - AUDIO file

    • Jan 2023 - Landing a Literary Agent with Guest RExer Tutti Taygerly

    • Jan 2023 - Landing a Literary Agent with Guest RExer Tutti Taygerly - AUDIO

    • Feb 2023 - Taking Your Book from Idea to Published with Guest RExer Linda Popky

    • Feb 2023 - Taking Your Idea from Idea to Published with Guest RExer Linda Popky - AUDIO

    • March 2023 - How to Use Photography Effectively for Branding, with Guest Raj Bandyopadhyay - VIDEO

    • March 2023 - How to Use Photography Effectively for Branding, with Guest Raj Bandyopadhyay - AUDIO

  10. 10
    • Breakthrough Idea: Dorie Clark 90 Minute Review Webinar on Finding Your Breakthrough Idea

    • Breakthrough Idea: Dorie Clark Q&A Webinar Finding Your Breakthrough Idea

    • Breakthrough Idea: March 2017 Finding Your Breakthrough Idea Q&A Webinar

    • Multiply Your Following: Dorie Clark Q&A webinar Multiply Your Following

    • Multiply Your Following: Webinar Review of Key Principles

    • Multiply Your Following: April 2017 review webinar

    • Overcome the Obstacles: Webinar Review

    • Overcome the Obstacles: Dorie Clark Q&A Webinar

    • Overcome the Obstacles: Webinar May 2017

    • Build a Powerful Network: Webinar Review

    • Build a Powerful Network: Q&A webinar

    • Build a Powerful Network: Additional Q&A webinar

    • Expand Your Public Profile: Webinar Review

    • Expand Your Public Profile: Q&A webinar

    • Expand Your Public Profile: Q&A webinar May 2017

    • "Ask Me Anything" Bonus Q&A webinar

    • "Ask Me Anything" Additional Bonus Webinar - 2016

Author: The Long Game, Reinventing You, Entrepreneurial You, and Stand Out

Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark teaches executive education for Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and is the author of The Long Game, Entrepreneurial You, Reinventing You, and Stand Out, which was named the #1 Leadership Book of the Year by Inc. magazine. A former presidential campaign spokeswoman, the New York Times described her as an “expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives," and she has been named one of the Top 50 Business Thinkers in the World by Thinkers50. Named the #1 Communication Coach in the World by the Marshall Goldsmith Leading Global Coaches Awards, Clark is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review and hosts a weekly interview show for Newsweek. Recognized as a “branding expert” by the Associated Press, Inc., and Fortune, Clark is a marketing strategy consultant and speaker for clients including Google, Microsoft, Yale University, Fidelity, the U.S. State Department, and the World Bank. She's also the producer of a multiple Grammy-winning jazz album. You can download her free 88-question Entrepreneurial You self-assessment and learn more at
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Video Testimonial

Luis Velasquez, Managing Partner and Executive Coach for Velas Coaching LLC

“I have become a contributor to high profile publications.” - Luis Velasquez

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Video Testimonial

Parenting Coach Liz Kauffmann

“Really specific details on how to do everything to help yourself become known.” - Liz Kauffmann

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Video Testimonial

Consultant and Professional Speaker Robbie Samuels

“The biggest thing I got out of this course is confidence and direction.” - Robbie Samuels

Watch Intro Video

Video Testimonial

Aleksandr Zhuk, Founder and President of the Artificial Intelligence Management Forum

“An opportunity to meet great people, learn from a great expert, and evolve.” - Aleksandr Zhuk

Watch Intro Video

Video Testimonial

College Admissions Consultant Marlena Corcoran

“My book manuscript that has been languishing for two years is now finished.” - Marlena Corcoran


5 star rating

Oustanding Course

Susan Peppercorn

If you want to learn how to become a recognized expert, you've come to the right place. Dorie walks the walk not only talks the talk. She developed a three-p...

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If you want to learn how to become a recognized expert, you've come to the right place. Dorie walks the walk not only talks the talk. She developed a three-part, action-oriented framework for demystifying the process of gaining market visibility; creating content, establishing social proof and building a network. Through videos and class discussions, Dorie breaks down each of the three segments into easily digestible bite-size chunks. A highlight of the course were interviews that she conducted with other luminaries to get find out how they developed their reputation. This is the second course I've taken for entrepreneurs who want to grow their following. The first seemed like an 8-week commercial to purchase someone else's services. Rest assured, in Dorie's course you will get pure, excellent content!

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